Go the Distance

Take your business further than you ever thought possible. Put technology to work for you and start standing out from the crowd.

Top Mobile Accessories for Farm Workers

Prep your workforce for greater productivity.


Cruising into the Future: How Self-Driving Trucks will Transform the Fleet Industry

What the Emergence of Autonomous Trucks Means for Your Business.


Why Retailers Will Benefit From IoT Solutions

Increased connectivity is changing the retail landscape for the better. Here’s how.


VoLTE, Enhanced calling features

Enhanced Calling, the Next Generation of Mobile Networks

What You Need To Know About VoLTE and HD Voice.


Tablets for Business: Paving the Way to Better Productivity and Bottom Line

Tablets, must have tool for remote workforce success.


Construction technology

Boost Productivity for Your Construction Business with Technology

Innovative Solutions That Can Help Boost The Bottom Line


CES Show 2017

Top 10 New Products from the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Our expert reviews top technology trends from the CES Show in Las Vegas. Learn more about new technologies that your business may need in the year ahead.


New Ambulance technology

New Ambulance Technology to the Rescue

Outdated technology in ambulances can hamper emergency communications and delay response time. An upgrade to your legacy technologies will ensure that your ambulance fleet are properly equipped to moving information, and patients quickly and securely.


Data: Choosing The Best Cell Phone Plan For Your Business

There are an array of data plans for business leaders, but which one is right for your business? Mobile workforce communications is essential in this day and age and knowing which data plan suits your needs will help your business grow.


Water Conservation in Agriculture

Best Tips for Water Conservation in Agriculture

Thanks to sensory technology and new gadgets farmers now have an array of choices to conserve water on their farms while cutting their costs.


Say AHH!

What your small business needs to know about flu season.


Smart Fleets: Empowering Fleets with Remote Sensors

Everything you need to know about sensor technology in the fleet industry


Sun-Powered Farms

Taking advantage of solar technology to improve your farm’s bottom line


Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware is a vicious attack on your cloud system so here is what you need to know to stay protected.


The Ins and Outs of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Trend

BYOD is beneficial on the cost savings and efficiency front, but here is what you need to know.


The Top 7 Things We Learned About IoT This Year

2016 was a game changer on the IOT front, here are the highlights from the past year.


IoT: Smart Cities

Technology is Changing our Lives and now it's Helping Municipalities Become more Efficient and save Money.


Services Spotlight: Popularity of OutSourcing Municipal Resources to Save Time and Money

Outsourcing municipal resources to save time and money.


The Race for the White House: How the U.S. Election will Impact your Small Business

With an election there are predictions and uncertainties facing small businesses. Here are some facts your business should know about what to expect and plan for leading up to November 8.


The 411 on Going BYOD

Checklist: Things you need to consider when bringing your own device to work.


Mobile Friendly Websites are more than just Fashionable

More consumers these days are utilizing their mobile devices to shop and here is why mobile-friendly websites will help retail businesses grow.


Best New Devices to Maximize your Business

From mobile devices to tablets, learn how you can stay on top of new trends that will help your bottom line.


The REAL Savings You get with BYOD

Things you need to know before adopting this growing trend into your business


Looking to Grow Your Business? There's an App for That!

Cutting edge apps that are helping the construction, agriculture, and healthcare sectors


Home Healthcare Update

Home Healthcare Update

A look at the latest advances from oral hygiene devices to pharmaceutical dispensing units in your home


Sensors and the Evolution of Well-Being

Everything you need to know about sensor technology in health care


Samsung product overview

Samsung product overview

How smart devices from Samsung can help your business


Wearables in the workplace

Wearables in the workplace

How wearable tech can help your bottom line


Police Utilize New Technology to Help Keep Communities Safer

New technology is advancing and proving highly beneficial to law enforcement agencies and businesses across the U.S.


Keeping it real: the human side of fleet tracking

Why people are still irreplaceable


Something to Moo About

How high tech wearables for livestock are revolutionizing the agricultural industry


Here Comes The Sun: Solar Means Business

There are plenty of benefits when utilizing natural energy


Boosting Productivity with Apps

‘Build’ your business with new technology


A Wireless Warehouse Works

How Wireless Warehouse Management Systems will help your business grow


Grow your small business team

Tips on building your dream venture


New Technology Helps Farmers Respond to Climate Change

The crusade against Mother Nature


Retail Turn-Ons and Why the Little Things Matter

You don’t have to be big to be great


How to Have A Safer Fleet

Social telematics will improve your fleet


Real-time Sensors Help Make Workplaces Safer

Why wearable tech is now being utilized by businesses.


Gamification Goes to Work

Let your employees get their “game on.”


Technology: Boosting Productivity for Farmers

Agbots are the future of agriculture.


Greening Your Business to Reap Bottom Line Benefits

More businesses want to be eco-conscious and yes that’s a good thing.


How Smart Sensor Technology Is Bringing Your Doctor Closer To You

Check in with you doctor anytime and from anywhere


Self-Driving Cars Script a New Chapter In the Transportation Industry

Autonomous vehicles are coming, so how will they benefit your fleet business?


How New Wearable Technology Will Benefit Businesses

Wearable gadgets can help us do our jobs better


Utilize online social media platforms to boost your network and grow your business

Social media will help increase your entrepreneurial endeavor's presence, and small ideas can turn into viral sensations and more importantly, increased performance and revenue.


Making the leap to smart manufacturing: So, are you ready?

Smart manufacturing with new technology will transform factories into profit centers.


Optimize a Building’s Design Before It's Built With Virtual Reality Applications

3D computerized modeling facilitates project management, pre-empts problems before construction, and improves client interactions.


3 Common Resistances Business Owners Use to Avoid Change and Investing in New Technology

We're all guilty of procrastination—and fear of the unknown.


Secure Your Medical Devices

Most healthcare IT leaders integrate stringent security features for network infrastructures and EHRs – but not for mobile devices.


3 Outdated Technologies Your Business Needs to Upgrade

If you have USB sticks, old-school payment processors or a non-mobile optimized website, it's time to up your game.


Three Great Drones for Construction Jobsites

Drones can scan job sites and produce as-built 3D models with absolute ground truth that allow the user to measure 2D and 3D objects on site.


Financial Technology Options For Funding Your Business

Whether you need capital to expand, or rolling credit to pay staff, financial technology companies promise faster turnaround and easier access to funding than banks.


Six Innovative Technologies For Business at CES 2016

It’s fun to geek out. Here’s what the future holds for business gadgets and software.


Why Wireless Forms Are Supplanting Paper Forms

Digital forms allow you to vastly reduce the time taken to input information—and errors, compared to paper.


The Best Hybrid Laptop Tablets For Business

Tablets that also function as laptops are increasingly popular across a range of businesses.


Should I Use a New Top Level Domain Name?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using say, .dentist or .builder instead of .com?


Manage Your Retail Store With Wireless Sensors

Integral to the Internet of Things, new sensors can sense light, movement, temperature and more—and let you know in real time.


Secure Your Farm With Motion Detecting Surveillance Cameras

Protect your assets with budget-friendly technology.


Using Google Glass on the Farm

Wearable technology is the next productivity tool for farmers everywhere


Robotic Surgery Simulators Are Here

Technology is making it easier to prepare for complicated surgeries.


Don’t Suffer Frozen Pipes This Winter

Use sensors to ensure the pipes in your workplace or remote facilities don't freeze up.


Five Best Laptops for Business Right Now

Business computers are different from home computers. These five options can handle what you dish out.


Use Tech To Upgrade Your Vehicles

There's a lot of cool auto tech available to help you boost your efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Set Up a Security Camera System For Your Business

Costs have come way down, and you can monitor all your cameras from your phone.


5 Ingenious Ways IFTTT Can Automate Your Business

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a free online tool that automates actions between websites, apps, smartphones, gadgets and more.


5 Ways Your Business Could Be Stifling Innovation

Businesses are often wedded to behaviors—frequently unconscious—that stifle innovation: they're a side effect of certain practices becoming entrenched in a company.


Which Robots Are Right For Your Farm?

These innovations will change how you run your business forever.


Are You Ready For a Driverless Tractor?

These efficient robots are changing the face of agriculture.


Meet the Robots Waging War on Weeds

These robots use infrared sensors and cameras to identify and hunt down weeds.


Want to Lure Shoppers? Give Them a Map

Uploading your store floor plans to mapping apps and other online services lets you show up in searches when customers call up a map of local businesses.


Five Best Practices for Effective Laser Scanning

This technology is gaining momentum in the construction industry for its ability to collect tons of highly accurate information in a very short period of time.


Making Sense of Massive Data for Better Manufacturing

Visual analytics allow users to see and use real-time data from multiple sources.


Top Freelancing & Outsourcing Sites For Business

You don't need to be able to do everything in-house. These sites will help you provide the service you need at a price you can afford.


Is The New Google Glass Right For Your Healthcare Business

Google is quietly distributing a new version of its Glass connected eyewear aimed at businesses in healthcare, amongst other industries.


Don’t be an Unwitting Cyber criminal

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) defines in great detail activities considered criminal, along with their penalties—but few actually understand it.


Learn How to Wireframe

Use technology to plan a website your customers will love.


High Tech Agriculture Equipment: What Works, And What to Avoid

If you can't maintain it, it may be more trouble than it's worth.


7 Great Business Apps For Your Apple Watch

There are business apps for productivity, travel, ERP, CRM and more.


Ensure Prescription Adherence With a Connected Pill Bottle

Companies such as AdhereTech & Vitality GlowCap uses Machine to Machine (M2M) sensors to detect when one pill or liquid milliliter of medication is removed from the bottle.


8 Best Agriculture Apps For 2015

The latest apps simplify farm management and boost productivity.


Now You Can Use Drones As Flying Billboards For Advertising

Companies such as Hoovy are upping the ante & competing with plane banners at an ultra-local level.


Choosing a Platform For Remote Health Data Collection

Stay on track with data collection as tech companies vie to be the number one centralized repository for health collected by remote monitoring equipment.


Smart Beds For Healthcare Providers

Smart beds can detect when they’re occupied, when a patient is attempting to get up, adjust to ensure appropriate pressure and support, and much more.


The Case for the Smart Coffee Machine

No longer do you have to find the nearest cafe; technology from companies like Virtu can bring the cafe to your office with smart coffee machines.


Check Out DroneDeploy, The Best New Drone App For Farming

A software that automates drone flights, crunches data and presents it in a useful manner in minutes.


It's Time To Start Using a Password Management App

Best practice is to use a strong, unique password for every website, for which you need a password manager. You can't go wrong with these.


Power Up Your Construction Site with Robots

Get ready for robots that can lay bricks, set tile, and demolish walls


Three Ways Technology Can Make Home Inspection More Efficient

From wireless monitoring to infrared scanning and acoustic termite inspection devices, technology can more quickly and accurately pinpoint property issues than ever before.


Monitor Your Climate-Controlled Greenhouse From Your Phone

Adjust the temperature and watering cycle, all from your phone, tablet or other Internet-connected device.


Is it Time to Trade Your Sheepdog for a Drone?

Machines are heading to replace Fido on the farm.


Autonomous Trucks Are Heading Your Way

Nevada has granted the first license for an autonomous commercial truck to operate on an open public highway in the U.S.


Power Your Worksite With a Remote Solar Power Kit

When you need power but the conditions or location make it all but impossible, solar power could be the answer.


Could Tesla's New Battery Packs Work For Your Business?

They can help lower demand for electricity from the grid, which in turn can lower costly demand charges.


Demolition Robots Are Coming To a Work Site Near You

These robots are able to break down walls, crush concrete and even cut through rebar. (You had me at "demolition robot.")


Automate Planting And Ploughing With Autopilot And GPS

You can reap huge rewards including reduced costs for labor, fuel and nutrient application.


Use The SBA to Find Access to Capital

A new initiative works to broaden the lending network


7 Ways To Prepare Your Business For EMV Chip Cards

The new chip cards being phased in this year offer improved security, but also shift the burden for fraud liability onto merchants.


Have Your Produce Delivered Direct to Consumers With Online Farmers Markets

New online services like Good Eggs and GrubMarket allow consumers to have farmer’s market produce delivered direct to their doors.


Could a Collaborative Robot Boost Your Productivity?

They now cost as little as $25,000 and work with employees on the manufacturing floor.


The Case For Live Virtual Help Desks For Managed Service Providers

Live virtual help desks can free you up to spend more time on your business.


A Robot Could Save Your Healthcare Business Thousands of Dollars

Disinfection robots are pricey no doubt—but are infections pricier?


Consider a Professional Telephone Answering Service

They screen your calls and forward messages as needed, so you can decide if you have to respond right now or prepare for the return call.


What a Drone Could Do For Your Farm

Amongst their various uses, drones are an accessible new way to scout crops.


There Are Now Industry-Specific Smart Glasses

Whether you're working in construction, manufacturing or healthcare, there's voice activated, connected eyewear for you.


Could Drones Help Your Business?

How drone technology could change four big industries.


Should You Try Peer-To-Peer Lending?

If you're having trouble accessing credit from traditional financial institutions, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending could be the solution you're looking for.


How Good is Your Energy Management?

Many business owners have no idea. Now M2M technology allows you to monitor and analyze usage data in real time.


Do Rugged Routers Make Sense for Your Business?

Built to withstand water, dust, and shock, these routers function in all climates to give you reliable Internet when you need it most.


The Benefits of Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid IT solutions combine the best of the cloud with on-site servers.


Monitor Industrial Environments With The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises increased safety, efficiency and productivity.


Using 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Innovative 3D laser scanners can help with site modeling and layout; survey road topography, and create accurate 3D models of both the interior and exterior of existing buildings.


Use Connected Lighting to Set the Mood in Your Store

Smart bulbs allow you to adjust their colors and even create and save lighting scenes to best highlight your products - all from your phone or tablet.


3D Print Your Construction Site

With 3D printers now able to build not just components of buildings but entire homes, the labor and cost savings are starting to add up.


Optimize Your Fleet Management With M2M Technology

Manage your fleet with machine-to-machine technology for cost savings and greater efficiency.


How Machine-to-Machine Technology Can Help Your Business

The Internet of Things Uses Old Technology in Disruptive Ways


Track Your Assets Automatically

You can significantly reduce waste and theft by eliminating human error with tracking technology.


Balance Your Work and Home Life

8 apps that help you to take back your time.


Taking BIM to Go

Building Information Modeling technology enables construction teams to access project files from anywhere, anytime.


Go Beyond The Internet of Things to The Web of Things

Going beyond the Internet of Things, where identifiable objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, the Web of Things takes advantage of mobile devices' and sensors' ability to observe and monitor their environments, increasing the coordination between things in the real world and their counterparts on the Web.


Should You Encourage Your Patients to Explore "The Quantified Self?”

The pros and cons of measuring everything you do and consume to improve your health.


We Are All Publishers Now

Here's how — and why — all small business owners need to publish.


Risk Reduction

Using technology to Prevent Fraud


Why You Should Use Pinterest to Market Your Retail-Focused Businesses

The highly visual nature of this platform makes it a great medium for creating evocative campaigns.


Next-Level Care

A look at some of the biggest technology innovations in medicine


Protect Your Data

3 strategic ways to build cybersecurity


Market Your Business and Yourself With Wow-Worthy eBooks

Use these 3 tools to create a credibility-building "freemium."


Build a Winning Facebook Profile for Your Business

Let Facebook’s analytics guide you.


4 Great SaaS Products For Building Customer Loyalty Programs

Tips for improving customer loyalty through Software as a Service.


5 Retail Store Strategies to Boost Your Profits

The pressure is always on in retail to sell; here are some best practices that can carry through to your business.


Boost Business With Tablets

4 ways retail businesses can use tablets to offer customers a more personal experience and increase efficiency


Reduce Your Business' IT Environmental Impact

Simple ways to cut down on your energy consumption


Upgrade Your Email Marketing

It’s the most effective form of online marketing there is.


4 Ways to Make Users Fall in Love with Your Website

Hint: don't have auto-playing audio or video for a start.


Improve Your Construction Company’s Bidding Process

Increase profitability and efficiency with estimating software.


Putting Technology to Work for Your Small Business

Investments in technology pay ongoing dividends.


Would You Use An Electronic Tip Jar?

New electronic tipping technology DipJar is about to expand into 500 locations.


Are you ready for EMV credit cards?

Coming changes in liability regulations make it a good time to consider upgrading to new, innovative point-of-sale equipment.


Study Guide

5 new books that help small business owners think big


Crowdfund Your Business

If you have a big new project you're holding off on for lack of funds, Kickstarter or Indiegogo could provide the capital injection you're looking for.


Can More Flexible Work Options Help Your Business?

Small businesses are emerging as leaders in the flexible work movement. Here’s why flexibility benefits employers as well as employees.


Don’t Advertise Your Passwords

Email and IM are as secure as sending a postcard. Here's how to make sure you're not broadcasting your sensitive data.


Laptops Go Rugged

A roundup of top rugged laptops for lugging around construction sites


Capture Your Customers’ Attention With Infographics

Hardworking technology that makes creating infographics a breeze


Send Your Creativity Through the Roof With the Latest Apps

Let technology guide you to innovate and problem solve.


Business owner monitoring business while traveling

Monitoring Your Office While You're Away

Protect your small business with the latest technology.


Don't Pay For a Landline! Why Going Wireless Benefits Small Business

No need for a landline. Cut the cord and learn how the freedom of wireless can benefit you and your employees.


Small business owner works at remote office space

What You Need to Know about Setting up a Remote Office

Protect confidential data and maintain productivity by investing in technology.


Healthcare professionals use technology to better healthcare

How the ‘Internet of Things’ Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Innovations in technology are changing the face of business.


Small businesses could use virtual personal assistants

My New Virtual Personal Assistant

Learn how one small business owner increased productivity and gained control of his life.


Small businesses need better ways to track shipments

Keep Your Shipments Safe With Tracking Services

Tracking your packages helps ensure your customer is satisfied, so make sure they receive a safe and speedy delivery.


Business owner working on her website

Smart Advice for Your Business Website

Discover what information is essential, but often forgotten, when it comes to small-business websites.


Small business workers examining online performance tools

Tools That Help Monitor Your Business Performance

Innovative software to improve how you measure employee output


Business owner scanning inventory manually

Helping Small Businesses Manage Big Inventories

Take the guesswork out of the stockroom.


Row of construction vehicles for tracking

Monitoring Your Fleet

How to keep track of company vehicles while saving money and protecting worker morale.


Small business owner using mobile payment technology

Show Me the Money: The Latest Business Technology Trends

4 ways to increase cash flow and efficiency using technology.


Business owner using mobile payment system

What's Your Mobile Wallet Strategy?

Here's how to use a mobile wallet to effectively streamline your business tasks.


Doctor using tablet

Why Aren’t Medical Practices Switching from Analog to Digital Dictation?

Being able to speak and instantly upload your notes for transcription should be a massive time- and money-saver for medical professionals.


Small business customer rewards

Is a Rewards System Right for Your Retail Business?

Find out how offering incentives can boost customer loyalty—and your bottom line.


Healthcare patient booking doctor appointment online

How the Healthcare Industry Can Benefit From Online Booking

Online booking can boost business, improve efficiency and help patients stay connected to their doctors.


Security cameras help keep small businesses secure

Keep Your Office Secure

Today's smart technology includes devices small enough to be completely unobtrusive, motion sensitive, and can alert you to intruders. Help protect your business with these measures.


Business woman using tablet

Does My Business Need an App?

Apps aren't useful for everyone, but if your business is going to have one, you need to do it right.


Medical Records & Home Health Care In a Wireless Age

Wireless technology is changing the healthcare field in so many ways. Find out how here.


Wireless Communications: Seasonal Landscape/Plow

Find out how different wireless communication options save time and money for one business.


Healthcare professional providing services via iPad

Telemedicine Trends

Finding a balance between technology and quality of care.


GPS technology location tracking with map as background

How Real-Time Location Updates Can Help You And Your Customers

You can use GPS for much more than merely finding your way to your next vacation spot


Healthcare worker checking her smartwatch technology

Smartwatch Benefits for Entrepreneurs

The tech lover's dream is more than just a toy.


Small business employees work together to optimize productivity

Defining Innovation for Businesses in the Digital Age

What if you looked outside technology for innovation inspiration? For small businesses, that’s key.


Employer at small business speaking to HR virtually

Virtual HR: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

All small businesses struggle with sourcing and recruiting talent. The stakes are even higher if your business depends on it.


Businessman using regular camera for shot

Engage Customers With Inexpensive DIY Videos

Capture customers' attention with unique videos shot with your smartphone.


Customers paying with a credit card using a tablet

New Payment Systems Create New Opportunities

Moving to a mobile, online payment system means more business, and the technology can lower costs and increase sales.


Doctor working with healthcare app on tablet

The Top 5 Healthcare Apps Right Now

If you work in healthcare, you’ll want to check out how these five innovative apps can help your business.


Small business owners can save a bundle by going green

The Case for Green Workspaces

Do you like saving money? If so, welcome to the bold new world of thinking green.


Young shoppers shopping at a small business

The Connected Retail Revolution Is Upon Us

New technology will ask you to give up some privacy in return for unprecedented deals and customization to your needs.


Customer paying through touchscreen

Customer Loyalty Programs Go Digital

Put rewards -- and your marketing messages -- at your customers’ fingertips.


It’s Time to Ditch the Cash Register

Mobile payment systems bring several advantages for small business owners, many of which aren’t immediately obvious.


Could I Use 3-D Printing in My Business?

Three-dimensional printing is hot technology right now, but is it worth the investment for your business?


How Wearable Technology Is Revolutionizing the Workplace

If the technology can overcome the significant privacy concerns, wearable tech offers innovation gains for all.